Hands On Tech Construction - Certified Project Estimator for all construction trades. 1-800-716-7307

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Hands On Tech Construction - Licensed General Contractor for Commercial Construction. 1-800-716-7307

What and where are the best projects to grow your construction business?


Hands On Tech Construction - Certified Project Estimator for all construction trades. 1-800-716-7307

How efficient and accurate is your process for takeoffs and estimating?


Hands On Tech Construction - Certified Project Manager for all construction trades. 1-800-716-7307

Do you always have the best manager for the most important projects?

Building the Future

Scale Up Your Contracting Company With An Experienced Partner

The future is being built today. 

Do you have the desire to meet the challenges of this, and the next building boom? Are you operating at max capacity and peak efficiency? Is your company equipped with the strategy to survive another economic down turn? 

Opportunities – Access is everything. With direct access to the projects and players that matter most we can further build your reputation and revenue. 

Takeoffs – Accurate quantities are critical to the success of every construction project, without them you could cost your company thousands of dollars. 

Estimating – Having direct relationships with the best wholesale building material vendors is essential to getting the job done at the lowest cost, and greatest margin.

Bidding – Knowing your numbers for both labor and materials gives us the ability of quickly responding to all bid opportunities.

Marketing - Growing your brand is a key component of getting bigger and better jobs, taking your contracting business to the next level and beyond.

Architecture - Engineering - General Contracting
Architecture - Engineering - General Contracting

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The Next Level Is Waiting - Are You Ready To Step Up

Craig's List, Angie's List, Yelp and Home Advisor got you this far. 

Work with Hands On Tech to take your Contracting Company further.

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